Autopia has expanded to 9 locations throughout the Bay Area. Our goal is to "provide a positive experience for customers through our signature car care system designed to enhance and maintain a vehicle's appearance".

We have become the neighborhood favorite by continually providing great service to customers, throughout the Bay Area. Our customers come to Autopia Car Wash knowing we will save them time and money. With regular washing and routine waxing, each customer is left with a well-maintained vehicle.

Get VIP Treatment

Autopia’s VIP program allows customers the luxury of having unlimited full service washes with one low monthly fee.  Just drive in and drop off! 


Driveway washing uses 70-100 gallons of water per car washed. This water drains directly to streams and lakes, while containing toxic chemicals from your car, including soap, antifreeze, lead, oil and asphalt. In comparison, Autopia Car Wash uses an average of 37 gallons of water per car washed. Our water is treated, filtered, and recycled per state guidelines.